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Zeus AI

Identity and website design for Zeus AI, a company that integrates multi-modal, multi-resolution data to create a unified model of our planet. Their model predicts timely, complete, high-resolution global information, empowering people and organizations to meet environmental challenges with the best models for Earth data. The logotype has a unique icon symbolizing the “Bringing the pieces together” concept in a single high-resolution Earth twin model.  The icon shows the transition of how the data gaps are filled to create this high-resolution model. We use these “pixels” within the identity system, creating textures representing data flowing and completing information. This also inspires the making of an icon family that creates a cohesive feel with the brand. Our deliverables were the logotype, the website, the animations, and the design of their deck.

  • Client

    Zeus AI

  • Industry

    Climate Change, Startup

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